Natural gas is colorless and odorless and under government regulations any gas used in a public setting must be odorized. The Bow River Gas Co-op adds odorant (Mercaptan) into the gas in order to give it a very distinctive skunk like smell. This is an early warning system to alert individuals to the potential of a leak.

If you smell or hear a gas leak in your home:

  1. Do not smoke, light matches, or operate anything electrical that may cause a spark including the lights (flashlights or house switch’s).
  2. Leave the building immediately, not closing the doors or any windows that may be open.
  3. If you are able to, turn off your gas meter to prevent more gas from leaking into your home.
  4. Get to a phone and Call our emergency line at 403-654-2239 to report the gas smell.

If you smell gas outside, you still need to call Bow River Gas to let us know that there is a potential leak.

Bow River Gas Co-op does not charge members for calling and reporting a gas leak.