If You Smell or Hear a Gas Leak Indoors:

  1. Avoid Creating a Spark: Do not smoke, light matches, or operate any electrical devices—including lights—that could cause a spark.
  2. Evacuate Immediately: Leave the building right away without closing any doors or windows that may be open.
  3. Turn Off Gas Meter: If it’s safe and you are able, turn off your gas meter to stop further leakage.
  4. Call for Help: Once you’re at a safe distance, call our emergency line at 403-654-2239 to report the gas leak.

If You Smell Gas Outdoors:

  • Report Immediately: Call Bow River Gas Co-op at 403-654-2239 to let us know there might be a potential leak.

No Charge for Reporting

Please note that Bow River Gas Co-op does not charge members for calling and reporting a gas leak. Your safety is our top priority.