The Bow River Gas Co-op is proud to operate one of the four Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trailers owned by Gas Alberta. We provide essential support to rural Alberta, especially during disruptions in regular gas service.

Features of Our CNG Trailers:

  • Emergency Gas Supply: Our CNG trailers are a reliable backup during any disruption in your regular gas service.
  • Rental Service: These trailers can be rented through Gas Alberta and are operated by our skilled and qualified Gas Co-op technicians, ensuring a safe and continuous natural gas supply.
  • Expert Operation: Our team’s expertise in handling these trailers guarantees efficient and secure natural gas provision during service interruptions.

Need More Information or Want to Rent a CNG Trailer? For more details about our CNG trailers, or if you’re interested in renting one, please contact us. We are here to assist and provide the necessary support for your natural gas requirements.

  • Contact Bow River Gas Co-op: Call us at 403-654-2233
  • Contact Gas Alberta: Call at 1-403-509-2600

Your uninterrupted access to natural gas is our priority, and we’re dedicated to serving the needs of rural Alberta with our CNG trailer services.