Landowner and Tenant Arrangements

The Bow River Gas Co-op Ltd. enters into contracts primarily with landowners, holding them responsible for gas usage on their property. Tenants may pay the gas bill on a landowner’s behalf, but this is permissible only if a Third-Party Agreement is signed by the landowner to allow billing to the tenant.

Note: The landowner remains fully responsible for any bills, including those that fall into arrears, irrespective of any third-party arrangements.

Account Management

Members must maintain their gas account in good standing with the Bow River Gas Co-op Ltd. to ensure uninterrupted service.

Point of Delivery and Customer Responsibilities

The designated point of delivery for natural gas is the outlet of the meter. Beyond this point, the customer is responsible for:

  • The repair, renewal, and maintenance of any consumer-side piping or equipment.
  • Any costs associated with the installation, maintenance, and repair of secondary piping and equipment within their premises.

Liability and Risk

Customers assume all risks and responsibilities related to secondary piping and equipment, from the point of delivery to all buildings within the premises.

For comprehensive terms and conditions, please consult your customer contract.