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Line Walk and Drone Fly Over

Throughout the month of May starting on the 6th tentatively, Gas Recon (third-party contractor) will be performing line walking and aerial leak detection on Bow River Gas Co-Op high pressure pipelines. We are required to have third party audits of these pipelines as per government regulation from time to time. We will try and contact anyone with these pipeline right of ways within their land, but please bear with us as our contact information can be out of date in some cases.

Gas Recon will be locating and GPSing our lines as they walk. A drone with laser methane detection systems will also fly directly over the pipeline right of way looking for any leak sources. Gas Recon will NOT be using any vehicles or ATVs through any fields. Gas Recon WILL be using disposable boot liners for each different quarter section they walk through as well.

Please be patient with us as we perform this audit and inspection on our gas transmission system.

Changes to Your Bill

Starting January 1, 2017, your gas bill will include a line item for the carbon levy. This price is applied to fuels that emit greenhouse gases when combusted, including the fuel used to heat your home.

Certain fuels, such as marked gasoline and diesel used on Alberta farms, are exempt from the levy. Most Albertans will receive a rebate that covers costs associated with the carbon levy. You don’t need to apply for the rebate. You will automatically receive it if you filed 2015 income tax and meet the income criteria.

To learn more about the carbon levy rebate, including income qualifications and payment schedule, visit or call 310-0000.

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Do you smell Gas?

Do you smell gas when you are out in your field, or while driving down the road?? 

Please call the office and report the smell, We do not charge to come out and investigate the smell of gas. 

If you think there is a leak, Please report it.