Contract Prices

Membership $1.00
Rural Contract *     $8,000.00
Rural Irrigation *    $8,000.00
Urban Contract *   $4,000.00
Grain Dryer *      0-2 Million BTU’s  –  $11,0000.00
  2-4 Million BTU’s  –  $15,000.00
  4-6 Million BTU’s  –  $19,000.00
  *Additional $1,000/million BTU’s for contracts over 6 million BTU’s*
*All contracts subject to change by motion of the Board of Directors.


Miscellaneous Charges 

Meter Accuracy Check                                                          Charged out at cost, as per the Board of Directors

Meter Accuracy Check  Charged out at cost, as per the Board of Directors
Termination of Natural Gas Service for non-payment   $125.00
Reconnection of Natural Gas service for non-payment $125.00
Returned Cheque Charge (NSF Charge) $100.00
14 day letter  $75.00
1st Hand Delivered termination notice   $100.00
2nd Hand Delivered termination notice   $150.00
Deposit Fee  $500.00
Security Deposit Interest paid per annum  1.5%
Interest on all overdue accounts – monthly, non-cumulative    1.5%
Replacement Contract fees    $200.00
Additional Notification Contracts/Reprints $50.00
Second Additional Notification Contracts/Reprints $100.00
Contract amendment administrative fee $50.00
Crossing Agreement administration fee $300.00
Gas Billing Invoice Reprints $50.00

*A deposit equal to one half of the consumers five year average yearly consumption may be required from those consumers whose irrigation accounts of the calendar year are not paid in full by February 10th.  This deposit will be required to be paid on or before April 30th prior to each irrigation season for up to three consecutive years and no interest will be paid by the co-op on the deposit.  The deposit will be applied to payment of accounts if the account is not paid by the due date.  The manager may discontinue the supply of natural gas at any time when the deposit paid pursuant to this policy has been depleted because of the delivery of natural gas or for non-payment of a natural gas account when due.  This policy does not replace, amend or alter any other policy regarding interest or charges.*

*All Fees must be received by the co-op before natural gas service will be restored. The customer deposit will remain with the co-op until the board of directors feel the customer has improved their credit rating to the boards satisfaction.*

Gas Line Negligent Strike Fine:

Flat fee $500 added to any line hit repair bills in addition to gas loss, labor and material costs. Applicable to strikes due to negligence i.e. no locates in place, improper crossing or exposure methods, etc. 

Land Damages Per Meter

Crop Land    $0.50
Grass Land   $0.50
Per Bell Hole     $100.00
*Adjustable to management discretion.

Construction Charges

Gas Line Trenching – As per Quote

Rates – per hour

Gasfitter Labor $110.00
Gas Utility Operator Labor $110.00
Gasfitter Apprentice and Utility Operator In Training   $70.00
Gasfitters and Gas Utility Operator Overtime After Hours Rate $165.00
Gasfitter Apprentice Overtime After Hours Rate   $105.00
Gasfitter and Utility Operator Industrial Labor (Up to) $135.00
Hydrovac Operator and Unit Rate  $125.00
Extra water pump, truck and man rate 


*All Hydrovac rates include time leaving shop, filling unit and returning to shop after dumping and cleaning*

*Hydrovac Operator and Unit Winter Rates:  Subject to management Discretion

Labor for travel will be recovered based on time traveled from the co-op shop to the job at current hourly labor rates

Equipment Rentals

Dump Trailer Rental for AOS Per Day $125.00
Plow Rental Per Day $150.00
Walk Behind Trencher Per Day $150.00


Within business hours call outs, mileage will be tracked and charged out one way from Vauxhall shop to destination. This is regardless of serviceman starting position. Charged out at $0.80/kilometer

After hours call outs, mileage will be tracked and charged from serviceman’s point of origin, to destination, and back. Charged out at $0.80/kilometer

Non-Members outside co-op boundaries call outs, mileage will be tracked and charged out both ways from Vauxhall shop to destination. Charged out at $0.80/kilometer

Industrial work and call outs, mileage will be tracked and charged out both ways from Vauxhall shop to destination. Charged out at $0.80/kilometer

Shop Supplies

Charged on total cost on all work orders          3%

Administration Fees

Administration Fees for the Preparation of all documents for Third Parties requesting approval for field activities  per location ie. Crossing our lines, Proximity, Encroachments, Access in each quarter Roads, Ground Disturbance. $300.00 plus GST Per Agreement